Entire cabinet features ornate carvings in high relief

Renaissance style, Gebruder Knake upright piano for sale with an ornately carved, oak case. Entire cabinet carved with arabesque style, flowers and foliage in high relief. Seated dragons recline at the base of the Classical columnar, piano legs. Gothic tracery and arches also feature strongly the cabinet architecture.

Renaissance style, Gebruder Knake upright piano for sale with an ornately carved, oak case. Cabinet features front panels carved with arabesque style, flowers, foliage and a central lyre.

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Price: £35,000.00 GBP

Renaissance Style

Stylistically, the Renaissance is followed the Gothic style and both style periods are reflected within this piece. Renaissance furniture was influenced by the Classical World. The pieces had a strong architectural sense. Decoration consisted mostly of carved details created on the surface of the wood. The designs often had some architectonic elements from the Classical World like columns, pediments, and cornices. Other than architectonic elements, the ornaments were also inspired in mythological, historical, and religious themes. Some of the common motifs were strapwork, foliage, cupids, garlands, caryatids, cornucopia and arabesques, an Islamic form of decoration consisting of interlaced stylized leaves and flowers.

Gothic Style

The term Gothic is applied to architecture and cathedrals of the 12th century. Monumental Gothic cathedrals emerged as the embodiment of divine grandeur. Gothic architecture celebrates light bringing the spiritual forcefully and continuously to consciousness. Pointed arches, tracery and ornate decoration are typical of the style. Highly intricate surfaces, with a variety of patterns and mouldings depicting flowers, trefoils, pointed arches and spirals are represented.


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